The drone can be upgraded using Syndicate Credits. By upgrading the Drone, the player increases its bonus damage, gains access to new modules and increases the bonuses of the Overlock.

Modules are additional drone abilities that have a low probability of triggering. In addition, modules require energy, which can be increased by upgrading the level of your Syndicate. The player won't lose the upgrades of their Drone upon leaving the Syndicate, but he won't be able to use it until he joins the Syndicate again.

IMPORTANT: some modules may stop working if you move from a high-tier Syndicate to a low-tier one.

Primary ability and modules of the BASIC PROTOTYPE Z-1 Drone:

The primary ability of the "BASIC PROTOTYPE Z-1" drone is to shoot at the enemy the player is aiming at. This drone also has three modules that have a low probability of triggering in combat.

1. Duplicate Module. It can randomly double the number of picked-up ammo.

2. Auto Reload Module. It gives a small chance that the reloading of the weapon will be instant.

3. Last Chance Module. This module has a small chance of instantly reviving the hero after a knockout; the hero will be revived with 1 hp and a shield that protects from incoming damage for K seconds. While the shield is active, the hero cannot shoot.