What is this Bravery Road? It is something new, and exciting, and we hope you'll like it!

Bravery Road is similar to the classic Trophy Road, but it is an improved version.
To open the Bravery Road, you must have at least one Divine hero and complete the classic Trophy Road.

What else is different?

1. Lots of new, previously unseen rewards.
(and no more gold!)

2. Bravery Battles.
For the veterans to fight for Bravery Marks instead of Trophies with Divine heroes only. True battles of skill and courage!

3. The difficulty of the fights will depend on the heroes' Bravery Rank. The higher Rank, the stronger the opponents.

4. At the end of the Season, all earned Marks, achieved Ranks, and additional hero power will be reset.
But your earned rewards will stay, and a new Season will bring new unique rewards!

So, be brave and storm the Bravery Road this summer!