Motivated heroes

The genetic engineering experiment has become a reality in this update: from time to time, random heroes become motivated.

For a specific time, heroes with Motivation acquire the same rank as the highest-levelled hero in your arsenal (except for the “Divine” rank). After gaining the highest rank, the hero also increases their level and abilities, and in addition, they can use previously unavailable gear.

Motivation is granted temporarily, so make sure to take advantage of the hero's temporary power.

Who knows, maybe Motivation is the result of a drug created by a giant corporation?🧪


News system

In-game events are constantly changing, so to help you to stay up to date with all the changes and get the information from a reliable source, we have implemented the news system.

In a special news tab, you will find:

- Notes on the latest updates;

- Announcements of events;

- Reward boxes;

- Community News;

- Information about sales.

So, all the news + rewards are in one tab. And remember: Who owns the information, owns the world.