Fighters, an update is on the way! We temporarily paused the game for maintenance and ask you not to reinstall it during this period to save your progress. 

So, what's new?


Ladies and gentlemen, humans and cyborgs! Are you ready for new challenges? Meet the "Arcade"  a new mode where we introduce a new set of rules every week that entirely reverse the gameplay of Bullet Echo. From vampirism to a limited number of weapons get ready to adapt and change tactics while fighting with other players. Can you keep up with the changing rules and come out on top?

Big rebalance

In the Arcade update, we paid our attention to your balance proposals, and here are the characters that have been changed:


  • Movement speed: 133 → 140
  • Backward movement speed: 0.75 → 0.9
  • Sideways movement speed: 0.88 → 1


  • Basic Health: 475 → 490
  • Aura of team talent: 300 → 400


  • Basic health: 250 → 320
  • New Team Talent: Team Damage Recovery


  • Magazine capacity: 28 → 20
  • Armor-piercing: 20 → 15


  • Armor-piercing: 20 → 17


  • Number of rounds in the magazine: 40 → 30
  • Damage to enemies in the chain is reduced
  • Armor Damage Multiplier: 2.6 → 1


  • Rate of Fire: 12→10

Updating your friends list!

The update includes a new feature seeing the last time online in the friends' list! You can now see when your friends were online for the last time in the friends’ list, just like in syndicates. We hope this new feature will make it easier for you to communicate with your friends and make you aware of their activity in the game.