Fighters, we are updating!
For a couple of hours we’re temporarily suspending the game for maintenance. Please don’t reinstall it during this period to keep your progress saved. Now let’s take a little journey to our new features:



Meet your hall of fame! Сlaim your well-deserved milestones for various achievements in the game — for example, for a big win streak or reviving teammates. You can already get the first medals in your profile, and new achievements will be added in future! Show off your legacy, view other players' achievements, and let your downed opponents see your capabilities.


Leviathan's rebalance and Skytech joining!

After years of seeking and fighting against the major factions, Leviathan has finally found his home in Skytech!


 List of changes: 

  • Leviathan turrets get a shield with a maximum durability of 28. The shield is valid as long as the turret stands.

  • A missile can destroy the shield, but the turret won't be destroyed if it has HP left.

  • Leviathan Health 325 -> 280

  • Leviathan Armor 325 -> 450

  • Turret cooldown 5s -> 8s

  • Max turret charges 5 -> 3

  • Turret duration 20s -> 15s

New Battle Upgrades

The gameplay of the battle has become even more diverse! Battle upgrades are now divided into three types based on power. There are three rarity levels:

- Green (60% of normal power);

- Blue (95% of normal power);

- Purple (120% of normal power).

The higher the rarity of the Combat Enhancement, the greater the bonus it gives in battle. You can’t collect a Battle Upgrade of the same type and the same rarity. Collecting a Battle Upgrade of a higher rarity will automatically reset the Upgrade of a lower rarity so that other players can collect it.

Green, Blue, and Purple Battle Upgrades only appear for players with 250+ Trophies.


A new item on the battlefield — crates!

Crates can be found and opened in battle. Inside these unique containers are various combat goodies — battle upgrades, ammo, first aid kits, ability charges or armor.

Crates also have different types of rarity. There are three types in total:

- Green — contains Green rarity Combat Upgrades;

- Blue — contains Blue rarity Combat Upgrades;

- Purple — contains Purple rarity Combat Upgrades.

Crates have specific opening times. The lower the rarity of the box, the faster it opens. Some types of equipment now also speed up the opening time of boxes.

Crates only spawn for players with 500+ Trophies.


New hero level up screen

The process of upgrading your heroes has become more convenient — now you can see both current and improved indicators of health, strength, armor, hero talents, as well as the rarity of the hero when reaching the maximum level.


Upgraded Silencers

Technological progress doesn’t stand still, let us introduce the upgraded silencers! Now, when using a silencer, the gunshots will sound more realistic, also hidden nicknames and weapons in kill feed have been improved.

Interface and gameplay improvements

For a better experience, in the "Legacy Unleashed" update, we've added many changes to the interface and gameplay! 

What's new:

    • "Collect All" button — when receiving multiple rewards, you no longer have to collect each individually.

    • After the battle, you can invite other players to join your team.

    • Improved alive players counter. Now you can see both the number of alive allies and enemies, and not only the total amount.   

    • All equipment has 11 rarity levels now, as much as heroes.