Automatic progress restoration

  1. Make sure all services are up to date on your device and the required updates are installed
  2. Make sure the game is up-to-date and the latest version is installed. Download the game only from the App Store or Google Play!
Install the game and finish the tutorial - after that, the game will offer you to restore the progress from the cloud. If you refuse to restore your progress, then it will be lost forever!

Restoring progress through Support

The most effective way to restore progress is to remember your unique ID. The ID is specified in the Game Settings - it is a set of random numbers and letters. Click on it to copy, or take a screenshot of the settings menu, and then save it somewhere to be able to immediately restore the progress.

If you have not saved your ID, the Support Service will try to help you manually restore progress. If you have made a purchase, please provide your purchase receipts from Apple or Android when you contact us. Bank checks are not required.