Does a small amount of damage when it hits enemies. Good against small zombies. Pointy! Activates while accelerating.


Fires infront of the player in a wide short-range cone. Deals extra damage to wood structures and zombies. Activates on release.

Homing Missile

Fires homing rockets towards zombies, also effective against stone. Activates automatically.


High damage against WOOD buildings and zombies. Activates on release.

Machine Gun

MACHINE GUN fires a barrage of bullets for a set amount of time. Upgrading increases barrage duration, rate of fire, and damage.

Phase Sabers

PHASE SABERS are two blades that extend out of your boulder and spin dealing damage to anything it hits. Upgrading increases damage and decreases cooldown.

Phase Ball

PHASE BALL fires a slow moving projectile that explodes when you press the weapon button again. Upgrades increase damage and decreases cooldown.

C4 Drone

The C4 Drone launches a drone that homes in on the closest stone object and explodes in a large radius. Upgrading increases damage and decreases cooldown.

Laser Gun

Blast away buildings and enemies with this powerful laser gun. Activates automatically.

Chain Lighting

CHAIN LIGHTNING shoots a bolt of electricity that jumps between nearby zombies. Upgrading increases the range and frequency of the jumps.


Launches a mortar, very effective against STONE! Activates on release.

Phase Engine

The PHASE ENGINE turns your boulder intangible allowing it to pass through enemies and obstacles without issue for a duration. Explodes upon becoming tangible again. Upgrading increases duration and explosion damage.