Thieves, this year Microsoft stops supporting the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system. Support for earlier versions will stop this summer.

In this regard, we have to inform you that King of Thieves on the Windows platforms will no longer be available from version 2.35, the release of which is scheduled for the summer of 2019.

Also note that we will disable support for Windows payments in the next version 2.34, which is scheduled for release at the end of May 2019.

The game will continue to work normally on iOS and Android platforms. You don't have to worry. We will help you transfer your current Windows profile to Android or IOS devices of your choice. To do this, you need to contact us here or send an email to and provide 2 Player IDs:
- one from your Windows account
- and the second one from the account where you want your progress to be transferred.

Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused and thank you for understanding!