In the “Bazaar” tab you can get useful rewards for watching ads. To open Bazaar, you first need to tap the "Attack" button in your dungeon, and then the corresponding icon.

You’ll see different rewards you can receive there. All you need to do is choose the desired one and watch an ad.

If you don’t like any of the suggested rewards, you can tap the trash can icon next to it and wait for it to be updated.

Bazaar is updated every 23 hours. However, you can speed up the process of updating a specific reward for 10 orbs.

Please note that only those rewards that you have removed by tapping the trash can icon or that you have already claimed will be updated. All other rewards won't be changed.

Among the rewards that you can get at Bazaar are in-game resources (gold, emeralds, potions, etc.), as well as useful spells (for example, an additional chance to retrieve gems). Spells last a limited amount of time. You can view additional information about spells by tapping the i button next to the spell of interest.

To get the reward, you need to watch an ad to the end. If there are no rewards available at Bazaar, then you should wait: they will appear later.