Potions are perks you can use during an attack. You can use potions before completing a dungeon or between deaths in it. You can use a maximum of 3 potions per dungeon.

There are 5 kinds of potions:

1. Gang of Thieves – magically clones your character, creating a gang. All thieves in the gang jump simultaneously.

2. Slow Motion – slows down time, making it easier to make jumps.

3. Ghost – spawns a ghost of the dungeon’s owner getting to the chest and showing you the right way.

4. Disable Trap* – randomly disables one of the traps in the dungeon.
* The Gravity Switch, Platform, and Trampoline are considered traps, but the potion can't turn them off.

5. Double Gold – doubles the amount of gold earned from the chest….if you manage to reach it.

Players have an infinite number of potions when testing the dungeon. At the time when the player retrieve the gem to himself, friends, guildmates, potions are spent from the player's inventory.