The Spinner is the roulette that decides whether a player gets a gem or not.
How does it work?
After a player completes a dungeon with an active ritual, they have the chance to steal a gem. Spinner determines whether or not they steal it.
The Spinner is divided into two zones:
1. Green = a gem is successfully stolen
2. Purple = a gem isn’t stolen. The numbers near the ritual icon in the purple zone mean an additional bonus to your active ritual.
What does the hand, gem and percentage icon mean?

It means you have an increased chance of stealing a gem. The higher the percentage, the wider the green zone and the narrower the purple zone.

When the arrow stops on the purple zone, the game will offer you to respin the result for orbs. The price increases with each respin.
How to influence the size of the green zone?
- Spells
“Best Friend” spell increases the chances of returning a gem to your friend or guildmate.
“Justice” spell increases the chances of returning your own gems.
“Rescuer” spell (temporary) gives a chance to automatically retrieve gems.
“Proficient Thief” spell (temporary) increases your chance to steal gems from other players.
“Skilled Defender” spell (temporary) reduces the green zone for the players attacking your dungeon.
- Throne level and type
Starting with the Lucky Crystal throne, players can increase their chances of stealing a gem. The better the throne, the higher the chance.
- Gem defence chance skill – narrows the green zone for the players attacking your dungeon.
Questions and answers:
Q: The “Rescuer” spell is active, but a gem is not automatically  retrieved. Why is this?
A: The spell has a chance of working. The spell doesn’t guarantee the auto-retrieval. You can check the exact chance by pressing the “i” button next to the spell.
Q: The Spinner keeps spinning and won't stop. Why?
A: You have been disconnected from the server. It will continue spinning until you reconnect.
Q: The “Rescuer” spell is active and worked, but the gem wasn’t automatically retrieved. Why?
A: The spell has expired while you were raiding the dungeon, so it didn’t work. The fully green spinner is a visual glitch.