In the event, you’re supposed to go through 25 levels picking one of the four chests. In three of them, you can find rewards, but one is protected by the Red Guard. If the Red Guard catches you – you lose all the rewards.

How to participate in Vault Heist?
To enter the event, you need to spend 10 bombs (= entry tickets).

You can earn the bombs by:
- Raiding dungeons (sometimes you will receive bombs as an additional reward)
- Entering the game for the first time during the day (you will be given 10 bombs)
- Spending orbs (1 bomb costs 5 orbs)

How to escape from the Red Guard?
You will be offered to give him orbs to get away and continue participating in the event and collecting the rewards. The number of orbs needed is increased with each Red Guard you meet.
The first time you are caught, you might be offered to escape from the Guard for watching an ad. However, this option is not guaranteed and appears rarely.

There are 25 levels in the event: 19 usual levels and 6 “green” ones. On a green level, there is no Red Guard, these are safe levels. Apart from that, sometimes “blue” levels can appear: these are the levels without the Red Guard, but to open it, you will need to watch an ad.

What rewards can I find in the chests?
All the resources available in the game:
- Gold
- Unique gems
- Ingredients
- Potions
- Gems
- Tears
- Emeralds
- Orbs
- Keys

Sometimes you may be offered to double the reward for watching an ad. If you reject, then you will get the usual number of the items you were given.

All the rewards in the chests (for each level) are displayed before being mixed. After the mixing, rewards in each chest also get mixed.

The rating of gems received in the event is summed into one gem. For instance, if you first got a gem with 60 000 rating and then a gem with 80 000 rating, when leaving the event, you will get one gem with 140 000 rating.

How to leave the event?
On each level, after the chests are mixed, you have a possibility to press the Take and leave button. Then you will get all the collected rewards.

If you close the game while passing the event, your progress will be saved, and next time you will start on the same level. This also works if you press the X button in the top right corner of the event screen.