Costumes are a great way to show your personality and dress up your thief. Costumes don't give you any additional bonuses, but they do add style.

To access the costume menu, you need to tap the throne in your dungeon and then tap the coat hanger icon.
There you can see the full collection of costumes that have been added to the game.

By clicking on a particular costume, you can see its description and how to get it.

You can sort all costumes by their rarity and availability by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Types of costumes and ways of obtaining them

Costumes can be divided into as unlocked and locked. If a costume does not have a lock icon on it, then it is already unlocked and you can put it on.
Costumes that you haven't received yet have a lock icon on them. There are regular locks - such costumes cannot be bought with orbs, you can only win them in the Style-o-Thief machine, get them in events, by purchasing the subscription, or by being in the right place at the right time.

In addition to regular locks, you will also see locks with orbs. Costumes that have such locks on them can be bought for orbs or won in the Style-o-Thief machine.
Please note that under a regular lock there are also costumes that are no longer obtainable, and only those players who previously received them will have them. These costumes were available for a limited time or during certain events.

The Style-o-Thief machine

The machine is one of the ways to get new costumes. You can find this machine in the costumes menu by clicking on the corresponding button.
By loading resources into the machine, you can win a random costume. The more resources you load, the better your chances of winning a cool costume. The maximum number of resources of each type that can be loaded into the machine is 10.

If the machine gives you a costume that you already had, then you will receive orbs for it.