Guild Battle is a guild activity where two guilds fight to see who can steal the most gems.
A new round of Guild Battle begins every 72 hours. Your guild will compete against a randomly selected guild. Your contribution to the guild battle is determined by your "delta" -  how much you have increased your rating (the total value of your gems) since the start of the battle round. Steal gems to increase your delta and lead your guild to victory! The guild with the higher total delta wins the battle.

For each Guild Battle victory, players additionally receive a chest at the end of the Arena round. There can be a total of 10 Guild Battles per Arena round.

Victory in a Guild Battle is indicated by a medal icon, and defeat by a cross.
How do I increase my guild delta?
Here's what goes into the guild delta:
  • the rating of the stolen gem received in an attack (positive delta for the attacker, negative delta for the defender);
  • bonus from the gem when it is stored in the Hall (bonus from the spell);
  • rating of the gem in the reward of the offer bought with real money;
  • rating of gems obtained from mines, together with the bonus from the spell;
  • rating of the gem received as a daily reward (also from the chest);
  • rating of the retrieved gem without a bonus (if the player retrieves the gem themselves);
  • rating of the retrieved gem with a bonus;
  • bonuses to the rating of the gem at the end of the ritual;
  • rating of the gem from the Secret Slot;
  • rating of gems received as rewards in events;
  • rating of gems received as rewards in Tournaments.

Please note that points earned by newcomers in a guild do not count towards the guild delta!