Challenges are weekly events that you can participate in by simply playing the game and completing a specific Challenge mission.

All Challenges start at the end of the week (Friday) and last 66 hours. At the very beginning, all players are divided into groups by level and compete with each other.

To enter the Challenge, you need to click on the purple flag with a gem in your dungeon; the flag will also indicate your current place in the Challenge:

Please note that the golden gem is always displayed on the Challenge icon. It DOES NOT INDICATE the reward you will receive at the end.

If the Challenge has not started yet, you will see the following icon:

By clicking on it, you can see your results in the previous Challenge:

Players in Challenges are divided into 5 groups by level:

Level 1-10
Level 11-20
Level 21-30
Level 31-40
Level 41+

Please note that the level of the players is taken into account only at the beginning of the Challenge during the groups' formation. If a level 10 player reaches level 11 during the Challenge, he will remain in the first group.

The reward for participating in the Challenge also depends on the level. The higher the level of the group, the larger the reward will be.
Missions and Rewards

The goal of the Challenge can be one of twelve possible missions:
  • Steal gold
  • Steal gems (any)
  • Steal red gems
  • Steal blue gems
  • Steal green gems
  • Steal yellow gems
  • Steal purple gems
  • Perform flawless attacks (no deaths)
  • Attack other players (1 star or higher)
  • Attack other players (3 stars)
  • Collect as many stars as possible in other players' dungeons
  • Steal as many gems in a row as possible
On the Challenge screen, you can see your current place and reward.

The screenshot shows only 4 possible rewards, but in fact, there is also a fifth reward. It is a consolation reward for players who took places 4001 - 10000. It can be viewed by clicking on the "?" icon near the rewards.

The Leaderboard is sorted by place. You can view the leaderboard by scrolling down in the Challenge window.