The Catacombs is an event where you can fully demonstrate your skill at jumping over traps.

The goal of the event

The player must run as far as possible, collecting skulls of different colors (we'll talk about them later), and stay alive.

How to participate in the event

You need to tap on the event tab on the left side of the screen. When you tap on it, the event window will appear, it looks like this:

To enter, you need to spend a certain amount of a special currency - pickaxes (depending on the theme of the event, there may be other currencies).

Pickaxes can be obtained as follows:
- Successful dungeon attack (not guaranteed and there is a daily limit);
- Daily reward;
- Purchase for orbs;
- For viewing ads.
If you don't have enough pickaxes, you will see the following message:


When you tap on the "Play" button, you will be sent to a randomly generated level at "Checkpoint 1".

The dungeon is endless, and it depends only on you when you finish a raid.

At each Checkpoint there's a huge number of skulls.

Skulls are divided into 4 colors, they can be sorted by rarity:
- white
- purple
- red
- yellow

White skulls are the most common. Others are less common.

If you collect a certain number of skulls, you can get Skull Chests. The progress of filling the chests is shown at the bottom of the screen.

The number next the chest shows how many chests you have already collected.

During your journey through the catacombs, you will face various traps. Unlike regular dungeons, you will not die if they hit you, and you will not start over.

As soon as you take damage from any trap, it will automatically turn off (become transparent). At the same time, all other traps from which you did not receive damage still work:

However, every time you are hurt by a trap, you lose health points.

At the top of the screen, you can find a mini-map, which shows how much you need to pass for reaching the exit (door icon):

The end of the level is indicated by the Exit Zone sign, there are no traps or shards after it.

As soon as you reach the exit zone, you will automatically recover 80% of your health (from the entire scale, not from the lost health points).

Then you will see a pop-up: "Take and leave or continue". You need to decide within 10 seconds:

If you tap "Continue", then the game continues from the next checkpoint.
If you tap "Take and leave", a confirmation window appears:

All along the way, the saw "follows" you. Your character will die if it reaches you.

If you run out of health points (the bar in the right corner is empty), then the following window will appear:

The "Leave" button means to exit the catacombs WITHOUT rewards.
The "Take & leave" button - to collect the chests and exit the event. In this case, chests that are not fully filled will NOT be filled.
The "Revive" button - to restore health, continue the game from the beginning of the same checkpoint on where you died, while maintaining the rewards.


The number of chests depends only on how many skulls you have collected during the raid.The higher the rarity of the chest, the better the reward you can receive from it.

In addition, chests can contain bones. They are needed to fill the progress bar on the main event screen:

Once you reach the castle on the right, you will receive your reward. You can do that endless number of times. The more times your thief reaches the castle during the event, the more valuable the reward.

This is an example of such a reward (the actual reward may be different):

The rewards for completing the progress bar and for obtaining skulls chests are two different rewards.

These resources can be obtained from the chests:
  • lockpicks;
  • ingredients (leaves etc.);
  • potions;
  • orbs;
  • tears;
  • emeralds;
  • unique stones for the Ancient Totem (very rare).
IMPORTANT: The reward for filling the progress bar changes. It can happen that you have received the same reward several times in a row, but this does not mean that you will receive only this reward all the time.


Q: Does the throne affect the health bar in an event?
No. Everyone has the same amount of health, both for those who just installed the game and for the King of Kings.

Q: I was playing an event, reached the checkpoint, my health was restored to 100%. I needed to go away for a while, so I closed the game but didn't collect any rewards. Then I returned to the event, and I no longer have 100% health, it's less! Why?
A: Each re-entry into an event takes away health points (~ 10% of the entire bar for one re-entry).