Living Totem is an event where you can show all your dungeon-raiding skills! This event has some unique features:
  • Only 3 potions available: Disable Trap, Slow Motion and Gang of Thieves;
  • Traps are not deactivated after 7 deaths;
  • You don't spend keys to open a dungeon door;
  • Trap levels increase with each dungeon you pass.

To enter the event, you will need to spend Amethysts (not to be confused with Runes). Amethysts can be obtained in the following ways:

  • As a daily login reward;
  • By successfully raiding other players' dungeons;
  • Purchasing them for orbs.

Please note that the maximum number of Amethysts that you can have is 40. Anything over this limit will be burned. 



Once the portal to another dimension opens, you will get into a dungeon. You can only complete a maximum of 25 levels in one run.
The dungeons will be fairly easy at first, but as you progress, they will become harder. However, the rewards will also be better.

Your goal is to get to the chest. Once you do, you'll be rewarded with runes and some random resources:
As you pass a dungeon, you can see a health bar in the upper right corner. When you hit a trap, you will start the attack anew, but your health will decrease. The amount of health you start with doesn't depend on the level or the type of the throne you have.

If you lose, you can either restore your health and get a different dungeon (the level, however, remains the same) or leave. If you choose to leave, you'll lose the rewards and have to leave empty-handed.
If you press "Next Dungeon", the dungeon will change but the potions you've already spent won't be returned.  Also note that the number of orbs required to continue will change progressively.

The more stars you get for completing a dungeon, the better the reward.

Runes fill up the progress bar on the event's main screen. Once you fill it up, you will receive a Mirror Chest and additional rewards for reaching certain checkpoints.
You can also see your current Stage and how many runes you need to move to the next Stage.

Chest rewards depend on how many times the chest has been opened. For example, this is the first chest reward:


The event has its own Championship the main goal of which is to collect as many runes as possible. Players are ranked according to the number of runes they collect:
Players are divided into 6 Championship groups according to their level: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-60, 61+.