For this event, you will use the Corrupted Eyes to feed them to Roopa's Cauldron to open a portal to an otherworldly Labyrinth, full of dangerous traps and sparkling magic!


To enter the portal, you must use 10 Corrupted Eyes. You can obtain:

- 10 Corrupted Eyes in a daily log-in reward
- 10 Corrupted Eyes after watching an ad
- 10 Corrupted Eyes for 100 orbs in the shop

Corrupted Eyes cannot be obtained as a reward for attacking other players' dungeons. You also can't have more than 40 Corrupted Eyes stored, exceeding the limit is only possible when you purchase Corrupted Eyes with orbs.


As you enter the Labyrinth, there are a lot of Flasks to collect. Your goal is to get the most Flasks possible and also survive for the duration of the Timer that can be seen on the upper part of the screen.

Each Labyrinth also has a Boss Trap. It is an angrier, harder-hitting version of the regular trap, which can also ignore the walls while shooting/moving.

If you die in a Labyrinth, there will be an option to restore your health (using orbs or watching an ad) or to retreat. You lose all the collected Flasks when you retreat.

If you choose to restore your health, then you will get 100% of the health back, 100% of the collected Flasks accounted for, but the timer will not be reset. So if you had 28 seconds left on a timer, and after the respawn you will need to survive for those 28 seconds only.


When the timer ends, you get a screen with all the Flasks you have collected. White Flasks are counted only towards the leaderboard standing, colored Flasks (Blue, Purple and Golden) are counted towards the specific rewards. To get a reward, you will need to collect a certain number of Flasks of each color. Each time before you enter the portal, there is an indication of how many Flasks of a specific type are needed to get to the next reward.


Your postion on the leaderboard is based on how many white Flasks you got. Since you collect Blue, Purple and Golden Flasks, then they are converted to White ones for the score:

1 Blue Flask = 1 White Flask
1 Purple Flask = 2 White Flasks
1 Golden Flask = 3 White Flasks

You can obtain special rewards on the leaderboard.