Scare thieves off, warn them to stay away, or prettify your dungeon door with stickers!

Tap the door in your dungeon to start. Choose from default stickers at the left bottom of the screen or expand your collection by buying and winning stickers of different rarities. Stickers can be purchased with gold, tears, or orbs — scroll through the full list to find the best option for you.

Put them anywhere on your door apart from the locks or the very edges of the screen. To place a sticker, tap on the sticker icon and drag it up. Do a long tap to rotate, superimpose them and take stickers off by drugging them down.

There is a limited number of stickers you can have on the door at one time, but you can purchase more slots. To do that, tap on the plus icon at the top of the screen.

Stickers stay with you from dungeon to dungeon, there is no need to put them up again after moving.