There are two ways how to leave your feedback: by using Discord or the in-game Support Chat Bot.

Discord 🗣️

Simply visit our Discord Channel: and move to the Suggestions Channel. There you can leave your precious ideas and feedback!

In-game Support Chat Bot 🤖

ZeptoLab Support Team's goal is to provide fast and detailed answers to players and help them with the issues they've stumbled upon in the game.

To decrease the amount of workload related to the feedback, we've made a friendly bot whose mission is to decrease the load on the Support Team's shoulders and help you leave feedback faster than you might think!

To leave feedback via Support Chat, go to Settings → Help & Support → Contact Us.

Instead of sending your feedback right away, type and send the following: Feedback Bot

This way, you will be redirected to the bot to leave your feedback and ideas.

📧Please note, that we won't process your feedback or ideas if you'll contact us by email or from the web form.

💌There are only two ways on leaving your feedback - Discord and In-game Support Chat Bot. Let's help the Support Team together!