In order to increase the level of the guild, its members need to make donations (exchange their in-game items for the guild experience points). To donate, click the "Level up" button on the "My guild" screen.
 Donations can be made in:
- gold coins
- blue orbs
- tears
- emeralds
- magical ingredients
On the donation buttons, you can see the amount of experience that your guild will get, the kind of resource that you can donate and its amount.

If you have donated too much, the game will offer to show you an ad, after which you will be able to donate again.

The amount of experience that you have donated to your guild is displayed on the "My Guild" screen, where your delta is normally displayed. To see your delta in the guild battle, you have to switch to the "Guild Battle" tab.

There are a total of 45 guild levels in the game: 40 regular levels and 5 bonus levels. As you level up your guild, you increase passive bonuses (bonus to the rating of stolen/retrieved gems, bonus to the rating of gems that were mined, etc.) and open new items in the guild Armory store. In addition to the fact that the number of items in the Armory increases as the guild levels up, the price for them decreases.

The higher the level of the guild, the more people can join it. The maximum number of members in a guild is now 30.