Now you can completely delete an account not only from the device and the Cloud, but also from our database. Please note that in the case of such a deletion, it will not be possible to restore the account via the Cloud or with the help of our Support team.

To delete an account, first open the game settings. There, at the very bottom, you will see the inscription "Delete account" and the trash icon.
By tapping on it, please carefully read the text of the message, and then check the box "I've read, understood and I want to delete my account."
When you click on the "Delete" button, you will need to enter your Player ID to confirm the deletion. After that the account will be permanently deleted, without the possibility of recovery. If you want to start from scratch but still be able to restore your old account, just reinstall the game, create a new account, and when syncing with the Cloud, decline progress restoration if the game asks you.