Color Festival is an event where you can gain an additional bonus rating to your rituals.



On the event page you can see the specific Festival requirements you need to meet: the gems of which color you need to use in a ritual to receive the bonus. Please note that the Festival bonus can ONLY be received if you start and complete a ritual while the event is active. 

  • If the ritual started when the event was active, but ended when it was over, the bonus won't be added
  • If the ritual started when the event wasn't yet active, but ended when it began, the bonus won't be added either 

Before you start a ritual, you can see on the Totem how much Festival rating you'll get as a bonus. On the Totem itself (in the "Reward" field) you can see the rating of a gem without a bonus


- Festival bonus rating

After the event has finished, you can still open the event tab and see how much rating you have earned during the Festival.