What is The Maze

The Maze is the ultimate thievery challenge: it will test all your skills, but the rewards are great! It is a huge dungeon with many paths in it and a chest at the far end. The Maze is full of traps that won't kill you instantly, but they will reduce your health. 

Your goal is to reach the chest with as much health as possible. The Maze is the only way to obtain a unique resource called Crystal Tears and to develop unique upgrades for your dungeon.

How to enter the Maze? What are daily quests?

To enter the Maze, you need to craft a special key. Complete daily quests to get the parts for the key. You can find daily quests in the mission menu. You can't have more than three quests at the same time. New quests will appear on a daily basis, but if you don't want to wait, you can start a new quest for orbs. When your key is ready, you can enter the Maze. But remember: a key is only valid for one run!


Can I die in the Maze?

No, you can't die in the Maze and you won't restart it from the beginning if you are hit by a trap. Also, the trap will be deactivated as soon as it catches you. However, you will still lose some of your health. The more health you have, the greater the reward.

What is the reward for completing the Maze? What are Crystal Tears?

Crystal Tears are a special resource that can be obtained by completing the Maze. They are used to unlock unique upgrades for your dungeon. You can find these upgrades and see how many Tears you have in the dungeon upgrade menu.
The more health you have when you reach the chest at the end of the Maze, the more Crystal Tears you will receive. For example, if you finish the Maze with 3 stars, you will receive 15 Crystal Tears; if you finish with only 1 star, you will only receive 5 Crystal Tears.
Each time you reach the chest in the Maze, you have the chance to win additional rewards, such as orbs, gold, keys and more Crystal Tears using the spinner.