📣🎮 Attention all players! 🎮📣

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Update 2.59, packed with exciting improvements.

Here's what's new in this update:

1️⃣⌛ Time-skipping Feature: Tired of waiting for your Skill Tree and trap upgrades? Now you can skip a few minutes or even an hour to speed up the process and keep the action going!
2️⃣👗 New Costumes Alert! Be prepared to show off your style with 4 brand-new costumes, including the highly anticipated winning costume from our community contest!
3️⃣💬 Tutorial Enhancement: We've refined a few steps in the tutorial to make it even more accessible and engaging for our newcomers.
4️⃣🐞 Bug Fixes: We've squashed a few pesky issues that led to game crashes, ensuring a smoother and more stable gaming experience for all players.

Good luck in the dungeons! 🌟