There are 15 types of traps:

1. Saw
A simple round saw. Just jump over it and you are good to go!

2. Cannon
Constantly fires fireballs at the direction it faces.

3. Homing Cannon
Tracks your position, can fire in multiple directions.

4. Red Guard
A monster that moves vertically or horizontally. The bigger the distance of its path, the slower it moves.

5. Blue Guard
Moves in a circle. The bigger the radius, the faster it moves.

6. Bird
Follows you wherever you go, so do not stop!

7. Platform
Not a trap, but rather a feature of certain dungeons. Helps to reach certain parts of the dungeon. You can choose where to place it.

8. Trampoline
Enables you to perform high jumps. Works the same way as a platform.

9.  Gravity Switch
Inverts gravity and enables you to reach previously unreachable places by walking on the ceiling.

10. Ricochet
Mighty fist which flies through the dungeon and bounces off its walls.

11. Lil’ Scorcher
An adorable little dragon that spews flames at the direction it faces. Can't fire when it is placed inside a wall.

12. Roaster
He is motionless and doesn’t shoot but if you want to stay alive, then jump as often as possible.

13. Warden
He shoots in four directions like an ordinary Cannon. The Warden can move horizontally and vertically like the Red Guard. Be aware of his horns!

14. Bloodhound
The Bloodhound can be placed on surfaces or walls. When the player touches the surface where the trap is placed, the Bloodhound starts to following the thief. It stops at the end of the surface and doesn't cross gaps.

15. Electro Cannon

This cannon shoots with deadly electric beams. Beware, the cannons' body also electrifies during the shot and deals damage.