After winning the Diamond League, players are promoted to a new set of leagues – the Gods Leagues. There are three Gods Leagues:

1. Orbeuseus League
2. Invinsius League
3. Totemius League

The rules in these leagues are slightly different from the others: your position on the leaderboard is determined by your delta score (how much you have increased your total gems value since the start of the round). In the Invinsius and Totemius leagues, the players with the lowest delta score will be relegated to the previous league. The first Orbeuseus League is an exception - once you've reached it, you won't be dropped back to the Diamond League, even if you're at the bottom of the leaderboard.

But that's not all! After winning the final Gods League (Totemius League), the player will be moved to the King of Kings League, the winner of which receives the crown and the title of King of Kings. The King of Kings League works in the same way as the final two Gods Leagues (meaning that you can be demoted back to the Totemius League if your score is too low), but the big difference with this league is that it's unique - there's only one King of Kings League for all the players in the world (unlike the old King's League, which had several). This means that there could be more players in this league than in the previous ones, but the prize is also much bigger: the winner of this league will officially become the best King of Thieves player and receives the most powerful throne! At least, until the end of the next round.