The Arena is where 25 guilds fight to compete with each other for the most points earned in one round of the Guild Battle.

Guild Battle is a battle between two guilds. These guilds may not be in the same Arena.

There are 4 Arenas in the game:
  • Key
  • Glove
  • Mask
  • Crown

The first three Arenas have 4 stages. A guild must win them all to become the champion of the Crown Arena.

How it works

1 full round of the Arena = 10 rounds of Guild Battle = 30 days.

For one round of Guild Battle, players gain a certain number of points. This amount goes to the total amount in the Arena. The previously earned rating is summed up with the current one.

The Arena displays the total number of points earned by the guild in one round of the arena. It's getting updated after every round.

It may be that a guild with zero points proceeds to the next Arena. This may happen because other guilds may not be very active.

Arena rewards

After 10 Guild Battles, each guild receives a reward, depending on the position that was earned. Orbs and Tears are separate from chests, but additionally they can be found in chests.

  • 1st-6th place - Promotion to the next Arena + n orbs + n tears + n GXP + chests for each victory in the Guild Battle;
  • 7-14th place - Remain in the current Arena + n orbs + n tears + n glory + chests for each victory in the Guild Battle;
  • 15-25th place -The Guild goes down to the previous Arena + chests for each victory in the Guild Battle.
The "n" is determined by Arena and at what stage (Key, Mask, Glove, Crown) the player is now.

The number of chests is determined by the number of guild victories in Guild Battles. The contents of the chests are determined randomly. The chests may contain potions, GXP, spheres, tears, emeralds, gold and resources (dust, eyes, etc.).

Elders, Trusted, Regulars, and Initiated receive 5 chests. Apprentice only get 2. Newcomers get nothing.


Question: The guild didn't get in the Arena. What to do?
Answer: You need to wait for the start of a new round of the Arena. It is impossible to add a guild to the Arena.
This could happen because:
  • The guild was created after the start of the Arena round
  • After its creation, the guild was not active in the Guild Battles

Question: I received only a half or less of the rewards that are shown on the reward screen, although the guild won 8 guild battles.
Answer: Your rank is not Elder.

Question: The guild has been promoted to the next Arena, but the promotion reward has not been received.
Answer: In this case, either the player has just entered the guild, or the guild has been demoted. In the second case, the rewards will be only chests for victories in Guild Battle, if any.

Question: The player was kicked from the guild after the rewards were starting to drop for the Arena, and the rewards weren't collected. What to do?
Answer: Regrettably, there is nothing to be done. The reward pop-up is only active when the player is in the guild. If the player was kicked before the rewards confirmation, then the rewards will not be received.

Question: There are less than 25 players in the Arena.
Answer: Indeed, this can happen, and this is normal.