We’ve changed the guild system and the mechanism for levels’ increasing.

From now, the maximum level is increased: players can upgrade their guilds to level 45.
To upgrade the guild’s level, players need to get a certain amount of guild experience. The higher the guild level becomes, the more guild experience is required. More powerful guilds have bigger bonuses.
Also, as the guild level increases, the number of guildmates can grow to 30 (this number can’t be reduced).

When a guild reaches level 40, it will be able to upgrade 5 bonus levels. But every additional level has its own burn rate. So if the guild wants to save the level, players need to keep the amount of guild experience for the concrete level continuously.

To upgrade the guild’s level, you need to invest different resources.
In the section "My Guild", there is a shield with the current guild’s level, guild bonuses and an indicator to be filled. Next to the indicator, there is a button "Level up". When you click on it, you will see an option for the contribution. 2 more options will appear randomly. Note that more valuable resources make a greater contribution to the guild’s progression.