So now itis time to study the map closely. You need to have the resources to move forward– gas canisters and flags, and then the choice is yours. Along of the road, you will meet different opponents, but also nice gifts:

  • Blue icon- normal battle
  • Blue iconwith spikes – battle with modifiers
  • Red icon– boss battle of high complexity
  • Red iconwith spikes – boss battle of increased difficulty with modifiers
  • Green surprise icon - here you can find an opponent or a reward that you get withouta fight
  • Yellow and purple icons – gifts that can be useful to you in the normal championship, ultimate battles and the GRAND PRIX event

As soon as you pass most of the way, you will meet special check-points on the map:

  • Steevy’s van sale – get access to the necessary resources for a small fee. The choicewill be made automatically, but be sure - you will win!
  • Prototypes – here you will see completely new parts and unexpected combinations
  • Sale – good chance to get new cars at a reduced cost
At the end of each map, you will find a special reward. Pass several maps and open access to an exclusive Leaderboard and additional prizes.