Meet co-pilots that will help you in your fights!

To use their skills, you need to equip them on your cars first. To do so, tap the co-pilot silhouette on the main screen and then drag and drop the co-pilot to the middle as you do with car parts or costumes.
After that, your co-pilot will be ready to fight with you.
Please note that you can only use one co-pilot per one car. To remove a co-pilot, you need to open the co-pilots menu, tap your co-pilot and drag it back up.


At the moment, there are 4 different classes of co-pilots in the game: Scientist, Hacker, Mechanic and Armored. The class of the co-pilot determines what set of skills it will have.
To see the information about the co-pilot and the list of available skills, you need to press the “Skill Tree” button on the co-pilot card.
To unlock new skills, you need to raise your co-pilot’s level. By winning fights or completing missions, you earn XP that will fill up your progress bar and thus raise your level.
Skills of each co-pilot can be subdivided into active and passive. On the skill tree the skill you’ve selected is marked with a paw icon.
To see the description of a skill, you need to tap it and after that you’ll see the needed info on the left, on the pilot card.
Active skills can be used once per battle and cost energy (the fish icon). When your co-pilot runs out of energy, the skill won’t be available until energy is restored.
From the very beginning, each pilot has its base active skill, however, later you can unlock modifications of this skill and replace it with a new one. To do so, you need to select the skill you need and tap the “Replace” button in the lower right corner.
To activate a skill during a fight you need to tap the relevant button. Make sure you have enough energy to use it!
To take advantage of your co-pilot’s passive skills, you don’t need to spend energy and activate them during a fight. Passive skills improve the characteristics of your car, weapon, co-pilot or your active skill. They are available to you as soon as you purchase them on the skill tree and you don’t need to select them manually after that. Such skills are marked as "Perks".
After you reach level 11, you will be able to choose one of two ways on the skill tree. The decision is up to you! 
Later, if you change your mind, you can switch the purchased skill to the different one for gems.


By sending your co-pilot on missions, you can earn the resources that are required to unlock new skills.
To get access to co-pilots missions, you need to tap the mailbox on the main screen. This will change the betting option to the missions option.
To send your co-pilot on a mission, you need to meet the mission requirements. So, for example, a mission with the requirement "Armored" can be taken only by a co-pilot of the corresponding class.
Also note that you need to spend energy in order to send a co-pilot on a mission.
While your pilot is on a mission, you can’t use it in fights and it also disappears from the garage. To collect your reward and return the co-pilot, after completing the mission, you need to open the missions menu and press the "Claim" button.
As a reward for completing missions, you canget XP and special resources.
The exact amount and type of reward you will receive can be seen in the mission description.