—  Can I use one co-pilot for all my cars?
You can only use one co-pilot per one car.    
Who is best the co-pilot?
The one that's equipped and ready to battle with you!     
Why can't I use my skill?
Possible reasons: you have no energy or you already used the skill.
— I've unlocked a new active skill, but I can't use it. Why?
There are two types of active skills: active and additive. Additive skills work as passive — you don't need to choose them, they're already active.
Why doesn't my Hacker work when I use a minigun?
Hacker doesn't work with miniguns because miniguns shoot too fast.
How do I know when to use my Hacker's skill?
The button acts as a count down timer between firing to help you judge when to activate your Hacker's skill.
Which way do I go on my co-pilot's skill tree?
Once your co-pilot reaches level 11, you can choose 1 of the 2 new skills. The choice is permanent, so choose wisely!
How to get new co-pilots?
At the moment, you can get new co-pilots by purchasing special offers in the Store and by winning them in the "Copilot in the Tavern" event.
Will my co-pilots disappear when I enter Prestige?
No, your co-pilots will stay with you.