Q: What does the skill NOT ENOUGH (class armored) do?
A: "Not Enough" makes the bubble last longer, it doesn't mean it can absorb more damage or stun the enemy longer. There is no difference. The only skill affected is "The shield and the sword", which increases the melee damage when the bubble is active.

Q: Can the SHIELD (class armored) stop tranquilizer darts or lifter?
A: No, the bubble only stops projectiles like minigun bullets and rockets.

Q: How does the skill ENHANCED RECOVERY work?
A: It decreases the time your car is affected by tranquilizer darts or ice box. If you have this skill to 25%, the duration of the effects is one fourth shorter.
It doesn't work on lifter, Molotov, etc...

Q: How does the skill REINFORCED INTENSITY work?
A: It makes the tranquilizer darts and the ice box last longer on the enemy. It is available only for hackers and scientists. If you use it on the scientist in combination with TOXIC FOG or ELECTRIC FOR, it has some extra power: the poison from toxic fog lasts longer and does more damage, the stun effect from electric fog lasts longer on the enemy.

Q: What does the skill SAFETY MEASURES (Scientist) do?
A: When you teleport, it will place you in the middle of the arena. Attention: it works only if the walls are down and the bulldozers are moving.

Q: How does the skill GOLD CONNECTIONS (Hacker) work?
A: Normally when you use the ability of the hacker you get a number between 1 and 100, this is the damage percent the weapon is gonna shoot, if the weapon does 100 damages and you press the button in the middle, the weapon is gonna do 50 when it shots. If you unlock "gold connections" this damage is increased and can be more than 100%, even 110%. From the previous example, if you press in the middle, the weapon should shoot 50% but with this ability it is increased to 55%. The skill works also when you convert the damage in hp of course.
Q: What does the skill REWRITING (Hacker) do?
A: Without this skill, the active abilities of the hacker (overclock, etc...) affect only ONE ranged weapon. If you have a laser and a rocket, only one weapon is gonna be activated from the ability. If you have the skill "rewriting" there are more chances that both weapons are gonna be activated.

Q: How does the skill TIME PARTICLES SHIELD work?
A: It makes the car immune to damages for 3 seconds after the teleport, during this time it is transparent.

Q: How does the skill POWER BOOST work if I send the copilot to mission?
A: If you have a car with 10 base energy plus 2 from copilot, you can place weapons and gadget up to a total of 12 energy (i.e rocket 9 energy + forklift 3 energy = 12 energy). When you send the copilot to mission, the car loses the 2 extra energy, and if you were using all of it, one or more weapons and/or gadgets will be put to inventory in order to have a maximum of 10, in the example it will remove either the forklift of the rocket.

Q: How does M.O.A.R. (all classes) works?
A: With this skill you can activate the ability 2 times per match, i.e. you could teleport your car 2 times in the same match. Be aware that you will need to pay the price in terms of stamina 2 times.

Q: How does the skill TIME TO HEAL (class scientist) work?
A: When you car is hit from an enemy weapon, the hp bar on the top of the screen becomes red for a short time and then the hp will be removed. If you manage to use teleport during this short time window, the life marked in red will be restored. Example: the car gets hit by a rocket with 900 damages, after 0.3 second the red marked bar is only 600, the rest is gone, if you teleport now 600 hp will be restored.
Q: How does ADHESION (mechanic) class work?
A: ADHESION gives you more traction, it means your bot pushes more in the horizontal direction. If you and your enemy have the same sneaky with same wheels, i.e. knobs (you can test it easily in wood league 1 after prestige), your bot with adhesion is gonna have more power and push the enemy against the wall. It's helpful if you have a build like a classic, which can go under the enemy bot. Please note that adhesion works only in the horizontal way, so it does NOT help to keep against lifter and forklift.
Special thanks to DegliA for this FAQ