Introducing Joker Cards!
Joker Cards can be used to upgrade any particular part faster!
You can now add Joker Cards of matching rarity to substitute the copies that you lack for the upgrade.

If you have the required amount of copies and suitable Joker cards, all you need to do is upgrade as usual, and the process will be automatic.

Each rarity of Joker Cards has a different cap, so make sure to use them before you reach it - or you may miss out on more potential cards!

Joker Cards has its cap:
  • Rarity 1: 140
  • Rarity 2: 110
  • Rarity 3: 65
  • Rarity 4: 52
  • Rarity 5: 20
Any cards received for free (from the events) over the limit will be converted into Ultimate Cash:
  • Rarity 1: 100
  • Rarity 2: 250
  • Rarity 3: 500
  • Rarity 4: 1000
  • Rarity 5: 2000
If you buy an offer that contains Joker Cards, you'll get them over a limit!

Example #1 (Cards from events):
You have 100 rarity 1 Joker cards in the inventory. You obtain 50 additional Rarity 1 Joker cards as a reward from an event. Your joker cards will be filled until the cap of 140, and the remainder (10) will be converted into Ultimate cash.

Example #2 (Cards from Offers):
You have the cap filled with 140/140 cards. You buy an offer that contains 60 additional Joker cards. In this case, you will be permitted to go over the cap and have 200/140 Joker cards.