If you want to completely remove your account from the game, please, do the following steps:
  1. Launch the game, go to Settings → Help → Choose any topic → Tap on the Chat icon in the right-upper corner to contact Support.
  2. Fill up the "Enter your message" field with the following information to prove that you're the real owner of the account:
    1. Your full in-game ID (nickname and numbers after #).
    2. The model of the device that you used to create an account
    3. The approximate date you created the account (month and year)
    4. Purchase information (GPAs for Google or screenshots of the receipts for Apple)
  3. You can also contact us over cats@zeptolab.com and provide the information requested above.
Please note that by deleting your account you will not be able to restore it anymore. If you just want to start from scratch, simply uninstall, and then install the game again.