A VIP program is a program that lets C.A.T.S. players more benefits in the game, such as:
  1. Direct communication with VIP agents from 05.00 UTC to 19.00 UTC.
  2. Early events announcements and news.
  3. Exclusive offers, birthday, and game anniversary gifts.
  4. Ult cash bonus to gem purchases (onсe a week).
  5. Free nickname change (once per 3 months).
  6. Transferring leadership within your gang (once per 3 months).
  7. Gifting ultimate parts to your friends (once per month).
  8. Deleting unwanted UL toolboxes.
In the future, we plan to add more benefits to the VIP Program.

Is VIP status permanent?

The VIP membership is not permanent, and sometimes players get excluded from the program.

Once in a few months, the VIP Team reviews the current list of members to make sure all of them qualify for the VIP status. If the account no longer meets some of the criteria, the Team excludes the VIP member.