ZeptoLab Support Team's goal is to provide fast and detailed answers to players and help them with the issues they've stumbled upon in the game.

To decrease the amount of workload related to the common questions we've made many friendly bots whose mission is to not only decrease the load on the Support Team's shoulders but also help you to solve the issues faster!

In-game Support Chat 🗣️ & Chat Bots 🤖

This is the fastest way to contact the ZeptoLab Support Team.

Simply launch the game, go to Settings → Help & Support → Contact Us or a chat icon in the upper-right corner. Once you're in the chat, describe your issue in detail, so we could help you faster.

If you don't see the "Contact Us" or the chat icon button in the corner, open any article and it will appear.

Support Form 📝

If for some reason you cannot reach us from the game, simply use the Support Form https://zepto.helpshift.com/hc/app/8-cats/contact-us/

📧Please note, that contacting us from the game is faster than using a Support Form.