Each week we choose 10 best battles and give 1 Super Giant and 1 Ultimate Box to the authors. In addition, usually we hide promocodes in our videos 😉

Subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/CATSCrashArenaTurboStars and take part in the battles!

How to participate?

Send your fight videos to catssocial@zeptolab.com
To increase your chances of being chosen, please send us a high-quality video (not a GIF).

✅ We kindly ask everyone to send their Player IDs (nickname and numbers) together with the video. If you provide the ID after we publish Best Battles, you won’t get the prize.

My video got into the Best Battles, but I didn’t receive the reward!

Rewards are sent out within five business days after the video is posted to the YouTube channel. For example, if a video was posted on Wednesday, then the rewards will reach the winners by Tuesday at the latest (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday).

Still, usually the rewards reach players much faster!

It's been 5 business days since the video was posted and the reward hasn't arrived!

In this case, please write to catssocial@zeptolab.com your ID and your question - the team will help you shortly.