Ultimate HP Rebalance

What's the reason for rebalancing Ultimate HP?

Battles in the Ultimate League now last no longer than 1-2 seconds; in rare cases, you may participate in a longer fight. Short battles force you to choose parts that get activated at once, give a particular advantage (for example, invulnerability) and have huge DPS.
This faster pace also affects us, as we have to take this into account when creating new parts - they must be activated instantly to be useful. And because of that, we have to leave many great ideas on the shelf.

What will change?

Our goal is to increase the duration of Ultimate battles by increasing the HP of all Ultimate chassis, gadgets and wheels. This will increase the number of great and useful builds for you, refresh the meta and provide opportunities to our newcomers who don't have many OP parts.
Together with our beta testers, we completed several tests with the new balance and found the best option.
If you are curious about the list of all parts that will be rebalanced, you can check their old and new values here: https://zep.tl/CATSrebalance

Will there be any changes to DPS (Damage)?

We are not changing any Weapons DPS, Drones Batteries Level, Magic Bonuses and the mechanics of any parts. Everything except the HP of the listed parts remains the same.

I have feedback/questions about the rebalance

If you have any questions or feedback about the changes, feel free to join the discussions over our Discord channel  https://discord.gg/catsthegame❗