🤖 How to Build Your Bot 🤖
Like real engineers, each of you will construct your own bot. You will have a platform to showcase your creativity, uniqueness, and even intellect! Here, everyone can bring their knowledge of physics and logic to life.
During the event, you'll have the opportunity to create various elements for your bot's construction from the provided Blueprints. The chassis serves as the main body to which you can attach add-ons. These add-ons will increase the size, surface area, and weight of your bot. Although each add-on has its predefined shape, you can place it anywhere on the chassis! As a result, each bot will be unique and original!
✨ Innovation: Free Placement of Parts ✨
Here's what makes this event truly unique: for the first time in the game's history, you will have complete freedom in assembling your bot! No preset locations for wheels, weapons, or gadgets. You can place them anywhere on the chassis!
Yes, you read that right. This mode rewrites all the rules! Forget about special holes for predefined spaces. Your imagination and your understanding of physics will be your guides! Remember, each part has its own weight. If you place all the parts on one side, the bot will flip over. You'd likely not want such an outcome in a battle, so be cautious while placing parts!
💡 Limitations? Only two: the bot's energy and the need to place parts within a short distance of each other. 💡
We've prepared an exclusive video for you, visualizing the bot assembly process and provides a sneak peek at the battle. Note that this is an artistic representation, not actual gameplay.