Creating parts for your bot will require close collaboration and interaction with your gang.👥
To create parts, your gang will need to obtain a Part's Blueprint. At the start of the event, each gang will receive several Blueprints for free, and afterward, can acquire new Blueprints during the event.📜 All blueprints are given and belong specifically to the gang, not the players.
The event's inventory will be divided on two sections: your gang's inventory and your personal inventory. The gang's inventory will store all the Blueprints that your gang has already crafted or that are in the crafting process. In your personal inventory, there are parts that you purchased after the completion of the blueprints.
To create an event part from a Blueprint, you must invest your Championship parts into it. Every gang member can help complete the Blueprint by investing their Championship parts into it. Once the Blueprint is complete, all players in the gang will have the opportunity to purchase this part using the event's currency. 🛍️
Investing your Championship parts in Blueprints at the creation stage is beneficial, as after the completion of the creation, everyone who invested at least one part in this Blueprint will be able to purchase the finished part with a discount (using the event currency)! If you did not participate in the creation of a specific part, but want to obtain and use it, you can also purchase this part, but without a discount.