Megabuild is an exciting event that challenges players to showcase their creativity and strategic thinking in building their own robots. Unlike the traditional Championship, Megabuild follows a different set of rules, allowing players to build their bots with a variety of weapons, gadgets, wheels, and arms.

One of the key differences between Megabuild and Championship is the emphasis on collaboration. Players are encouraged to work closely with their gang members, leveraging blueprints and upgrading parts by donating their championship pieces. By pooling their resources and skills, the gang aims to create the most powerful robot capable of dominating the competition.

The main goal of Megabuild is to secure victory and collect Tunanite, the valuable points that contribute to the overall ranking of the gang. The higher the gang's ranking, the more lucrative the rewards for all its members. This event is an exciting opportunity for players to prove their building prowess and teamwork, ultimately striving to achieve glory and success in the world of CATS battles.

Starting Megabuild:

Make sure you are in a gang before you start, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the event!

Creating your first bot:

The first thing to do is to click on the event icon in the main menu, if it's your first time doing this, you'll get a box with parts, blueprints and gears.

When you are in the Megabuild screen, click on the white grid (building area) in the middle of the screen.

Once you are in the creation menu, you can drag the blue body to the build area (the area with the grid). You can then add parts such as weapons, gadgets, wheels and extensions to the body in any position. Weapons, gadgets and wheels can also be placed on the extensions.

Any part except bodies and blades can be rotated once placed by selecting it and clicking on the red arrow button in the part properties window.

Attention: it is very important that weapons/gadgets/wheels do not overlap, you will notice this because the part turns red and is not positioned.

Create the first megaparts from Blueprints

It is possible to create new parts from the blueprints: click to edit the bot and then on the blueprint icon on the right. You will reach a screen where there are blueprints of many parts (bodies, weapons, wheels, etc...).

If you do not see any blueprints it is because you don’t have any, wait to get them again every few hours or buy them in the shop.

To obtain a megapart from a blueprint you and your gang must donate your championship parts. If a blueprint requires 3 whale bodies, you and your gang must select the body and drag it to the part window. As you and your teammates donate parts, you will see the number of parts needed decrease from 0/3 to 1/3, to 3/3. At that point, you will no longer be able to donate that championship part. The blueprint is one for the entire gang, everyone can donate parts, so it is a team effort. The more players that donate a championship part, the stronger the megapart will be. Adding a legendary or a universal legendary championship part to a blueprint, will increase its bonus.

When a part is ready, you can spend gears or gems to assemble it: the blueprint will disappear and the megapart will be added to your inventory and you can place it on your bot.

Megabuild Fighting:

Once you have built a bot you can start fighting! In the Megabuild menu you will see a big red button in the bottom right corner, click it and you will be catapulted into the arena on mars, where you will find an opponent.

To fight you will use a canister, you can collect up to 10 canisters, once used they will refill 1 canister per hour.

At the end of each fight, you will receive gears and tunanite.

The tunanite you receive will be summed with the tunanite of your gang members, and the higher it is, the higher your gang's ranking will be, and thus the more prizes you will receive at the end of the event.

Gears essentially serve two purposes: to forge parts (as described in the chapter “Create the first megaparts from Blueprints”) and to make upgrades.

Bot maintenance and megaparts upgrade:

So big, yet so fragile! After each fight, it is important to go to the bot's construction menu and check that the durability of the parts is greater than 20, otherwise they will be destroyed and lost forever within a few fights.

To increase the durability, you need to upgrade the megapart. The upgrade will also improve its statistics.

Click on the part you want to upgrade, and then click on the red "Upgrade" button in the part's properties tab. Dragging championship parts to the megapart tab will increase the level, stats, and durability of that part by paying in Gears.

If many gang members upgrade the same part, it will receive synergy bonuses. To check this, simply click on the green "i" icon on the part tab and scroll down to see your progress.

Special thanks to DegliA for this article