Q: What is Megabuild?

A: Megabuild is an event where players have to build their own robots following rules different from those of Championship.

Q: What are the differences between Megabuild and Championship?

A: Essentially 2 differences: in Megabuild you can build a bot by adding endless weapons, gadgets, wheels and arms. The limits are only energy and size.

In this event it is also very important to collaborate with your gang! To build parts from the blueprints and to upgrade them, each player can donate some of their championship parts.

Q: What is the purpose of the event?

A: The purpose of the event is to create the strongest bot that can win and collect the Tunanite, the points that are added up between all players of the same team and determine the ranking of the gang. The higher the ranking, the greater the rewards!

Q: What is tunanite?

A: Tunanite is an in-game currency that you receive after a battle, a victory gives you a larger amount.

The tunanite collected is added up by gang members and is used to determine the gang's ranking. A higher position will give bigger rewards at the end of the event.

Q: My bot disappeared from the garage after a fight, where is it?

A: Most likely the body of your car (the blue piece) ran out of durability and was destroyed. The remaining pieces that did not run out of durability have been returned to your inventory.

Q: A megapart disappeared from my bot, I can't even find it in my inventory, what happened?

A: Most likely the durability of that part has dropped to zero. There is no way to recover it, but you can assemble another one if you have the blueprint. In the future, always check that the durability of your parts is greater than 20, otherwise they will be destroyed after a fight.

Q: How do you increase the durability of megaparts?

A: By upgrading the megapart using championship parts and paying in gears.

Q: What are gears primarily used for?

A: Assembling parts and making upgrades.

Q: How do you refill your canisters for fighting?

A: Canisters refill at a rate of 1 per hour, or you can purchase them from the shop.

Q: How to get more Megaparts?

A: You need to assemble them from blueprints or you can buy them.

Q: What do you and your gang need to do to obtain a megapart from a blueprint?

A: Donate championship parts that match the blueprint requirements.

Q: There are no slots, how can I place parts on my bot?

A: You can place parts almost everywhere, the only rule is that weapons/gadgets/wheels cannot overlap.

Q: Why is it important to make sure that parts do not overlap?

A: If parts overlap, they turn red and cannot be positioned properly.

Q: Can parts be rotated once placed?

A: Yes, by selecting the part and clicking on the red arrow button. You can even move them again once they are placed.

Q: How can I see the ranking of my gang?

A: In the main menu of Megabuild click on the crown icon on the right.

Q: How can I get more gears?

A: You obtain gears after a fight (a win gives you more than a loss) and also in the gang box dropped after some hours (high tier boxes give you more gears).

Q: Why can't I place a part?

A: Please check if the part is not overlapping with another one (in this case it becomes red), also check if a part finds a placement spot (otherwise it will be grey) and make sure that your build stays inside the building grid. Finally, check that you have enough energy from the body. You can't place a 5-energy part if you've already used 26/30 energy, in this case remove some other parts.

Q: What is the pivot of a megapart?

The pivot is the point of insertion and rotation, in order to place the megapart the pivot must be placed on a surface of the bot.

Q: Why can't I rotate some parts?

A: Bodies (light blue) can't be rotated because they are the first pieces you use to create your bot around them. Wheels and blades can't be rotated.

Q: Why is the part rotated strangely when I click on the rotate button?

Parts are rotated around their pivot, the extensions (dark blue bodies) have the pivot represented by a screw. Weapons and gadgets have the pivot approximately in the centre of their body (in drills the tip does not count as the body).


Special thanks to DegliA for this FAQ