There are two types of weapons in C.A.T.S.: melee and range. Melee weapons deal damage only when they touch the opponent's vehicle, range weapons deal damage on the long range.

Melee weapons:

  • Blade
  • Chainsaw
  • Drill
  • Stinger

Range weapons:

  • Rocket
  • Laser (Opens on Stage 5) - a slow-firing weapon that fires every 2.5 seconds.
  • Double Rocket (Opens on Stage 20) - a rocket launcher that fires both ways.
  • Minigun (Needs to warm up to start firing. Warm-up lasts for a second, after that the fire rate increases progressively and reaches its maximum in 4 seconds, making 3 shots per second. The damage you see in minigun's stats is the maximum DPS that the weapon reaches when fully warmed up)
  • Shotgun (fires off 7 bullets, the damage you see is summed up for all 7 bullets. You can calculate the damage of one bullet like this: Damage of one bullet = Total damage/7. Each projectile has impulse that physically affects the target (repulses it), and the owner himself (repulses in the opposite direction of the volley).

Each weapon has a random number of Damage points, which depend on the Tier of the weapon (metal/golden/etc.), the number of Stars it has and its Level. Each weapon also has some Power requirements. You need to have enough Power available in your chassis in order to install it.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Damage points shown on the screen are the damage per second (DPS), not total damage. Certain weapons (like lasers) fire more slowly than others. If you have a laser that has 400 DPS, it will deal 1000 damage per one shot, as the laser fires every 2.5 seconds, and "empowers" itself while idle (400*2.5 = 1000).

Damage from toolboxes also multiplies by the 2.5 factor. It means that if your laser deals 400 DPS and is empowered by Attack Toolbox that gives additional 500 points, the total damage will be (400+500)*2.5 = 2250.