Many chassis have slots for Gadgets. Gadgets give your machine certain perks.

There are currently seven gadgets available to install:

  • Booster - boost your machine forward. Be careful, it can flip!
  • Backpedal - does the same, but backward.
  • Repulse - pushes the opponent away by producing a crushing sound wave.
  • Forklift - flips opponent's car with a crane.
  • First Aid Kit - restores some health during a fight.
  • Lifter - lifts opponent's car with a balloon.
  • Harpoon - shoots with a hook on a rope and draws your opponent to you.

Gadget's Health depends on its Tier (wooden/golden/etc.), an amount of Stars, and the Level of the gadget.

Each gadget also has some Power requirements. You need to have enough available Power in your chassis in order to install it.