Many chassis have slots for gadgets. Gadgets give your car certain perks.
There are currently seven gadgets available to install:
  • Booster - boosts your machine forward. Be careful, it can flip!
  • Backpedal - does the same thing, but backwards
  • Repulse - pushes the opponent away by producing a crushing sound wave
  • Forklift - flips the opponent's car with a crane
  • First Aid Kit - restores some health during a fight
  • Lifter - lifts the opponent's car with a balloon
  • Harpoon - shoots a hook on a rope and pulls the opponent towards you
The health of a gadget depends on its Tier (wooden/golden/etc.), a number of stars, and its level.
Each gadget also has certain power requirements. You need to have enough power in your chassis in order to install it.