The chassis is the "body" of your car. It has several randomly placed slots where you can install other spare parts. Each part has its own type of slot. Weapon slots are hexagonal, while gadget slots are square. You can't place a part in a slot designed for a different type of part. The number and type of slots are completely random, but usually there can't be more than three.
There are currently eight types of chassis:
  • Classic
  • Sneaky
  • Titan
  • Surfer
  • Boulder
  • Pyramid (Opens on Stage 10)
  • Whale (Opens on Prestige 1 Stage 1)
  • Diamond (Opens on Prestige 1 Stage 10)
Chassis has two random parameters that depend on the chassis' tier (wooden/metal/military/golden/carbon), the number of stars and its level:
1. Health
2. Power
Each chassis has a certain power capacity. If your chassis has a power capacity of 10, you can't install a Chainsaw that requires 11 Power on it. The only way to increase the power of your chassis is to fuse a power toolbox into it. Power toolboxes can be found in Supply Boxes.