If you have noticed unusual changes in the game, it is possible that someone else who has access to your device (it could even be a friend or family member) is playing under your account. Another possibility is that you logged in to your account using someone else's device and forgot to log out. 

Your account can only be accessed from other devices if you have shared your account information with someone.  ZeptoLab employees will never ask you for your password. Do not share this information with anyone.
In order to secure your account:
- Do not reveal password associated with your Apple/Google Play/Facebook account.
- Never give your full in-game ID (i.e. Smith#12345) to anyone except our support team. 
- Do not attempt to trade your account with other players.
- Do not purchase gems from third-party websites (https://shop.catsthegame.com/ is our official website, so it's safe to make purchases there).
As the account holder, you are responsible for all charges incurred, including applicable taxes, and all purchases made by you or anyone else using your account, including your family or friends.