If you come across a nickname that goes against our guidelines, you can report it to us by sending us an email. 📧

To make it easier, you can copy and paste the following template, filling in the game name and the inappropriate nickname:

I'm writing to report an inappropriate nickname in the game 'GAME NAME.'

The nickname in question is 'NICKNAME.'

If you want to report an inappropriate nickname, write an email to badnickname@zeptolab.com
📸 Alternatively, you can also send a screenshot of the inappropriate nickname.
❎ Your email will be permanently deleted after your report has been processed.
🗣️ Refrain from sending the report to the in-game Support. Use the email mentioned above.
↩️ You will not receive a confirmation or any other status of your report.
Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and enjoyable gaming environment! ⭐