Supply Boxes provide you with everything you need to rebuild and upgrade your vehicle, including spare parts, gold, and gems.

There are currently seven types of boxes to obtain:
  1. Regular Box (Wooden box)
  2. Super Box (Blue Box)
  3. Legendary Box (Gold Box)
  4. Steevy's box (Available in the store for monkey wrenches)
  5. Giant Box (Purchase only)
  6. Super Body Box (Purchase only)
  7. Super Part Box (Purchase only)
Eventually, new boxes will be added to the game.
You can obtain Regular and Super Boxes by winning the Quick Fights. These boxes take time to open.

The Legendary Box can be obtained by successfully advancing to the next league. There's also a small chance of getting it by completing a stage.

You can also use your wrench keys to open the Steevy's Box in the store. You can open up to three Steevy's boxes per day.

You only have 4 slots to store the unlocked boxes from Quick Fights. Each box takes a certain amount of time to open. When all the slots are full, you won't be able to get a new box by winning a Quick Fight until you free one of the slots.
Purchased boxes and Boxes won in Leagues and Champioships will open instantly.