Bets is a game mode that allows players to bet their parts on other players' fights.

To place a bet, choose the car that you think will win the fight and drag the parts that you want to bet on it. You can bet whatever part you want, including parts that are already being used. But you can't use your last chassis and your last weapon. You can't bet Toolboxes or Stickers either. The details that you used as a bet cannot be sold or fused.

The number or slots for betting your parts depends on the type of Bet and unlocked skills.

To see the results, tap the "Watch" button when the timer ends. 

If your bet wins, the parts at stake will gain a random Magic Bonus. If you lose a Bet, you will lose a part at stake. You can get it back by spending Gems but only right when the bet is lost, you won't be able to buy them back after. The longer the Bet lasts, the bigger the Bonus that you'll get. 

One part can only have one Bonus. If you bet a Super Part (the part that already has a Magic Bonus), it won't get a new Bonus. Instead, its current Bonus will increase. Note, that you can't gain more than a 60% Bonus in Bets.